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May this wonderful occasion be a very special start in knowing that God’s love will live and grow in your heart. Sir, — I do not doubt the observation of Archbishop Paul Kwong of Hong Kong that the Chinese Security Law does not threaten religious liberty. Sample letter. We are writing letters for this specific topic of Coronvirus Church Letters. Such a move away from collective diocesan funding, however, would leave poorer areas drastically worse off, and provision patchy at best. ​To explore the Church Times website fully, please sign in or subscribe. Church Guest Ministry Letters with many invitation letters for your church in addition to invitations and follow up letters to send to guest ministries. Apart from those who are entirely dependent on the state pension and shouldn’t be asked to increase their giving, we risk being like the self-satisfied farmer in Christ’s parable, who left it too late to be separated from his assets. The Vatican Report ... Damon Winter/The New York Times. The population per bishop is actually very similar: 478,000 for England and 493,000 for Norway, while the figures for population per diocese are significantly greater in England: 1,333,000 for England and 493,000 for Norway. Letters for publication should be sent to letters@churchtimes.co.uk. He tries to strengthen the comparison by including the detail that England is one third the size of Norway, but he omits any mention of population. Monday December 28 2020, 12.01am, The Times. You also betray your God. I can tell her that quite often I don’t pray at home; indeed, my prayer life is rather erratic, I find prayer difficult, and I suspect I am not alone in this. Pastors and church leaders around the world are trying to shepherd local congregations through the pandemic created by Covid-19. Dr Kwong has allowed his own politics, along with a personal conflict, to tie him to China’s Communist leadership, which, not to be forgotten, bans most official religions, bulldozes Christian churches, and is stained by the blood of so many Tibetan Buddhists and Muslims in Xinjiang. Sir, — The Revd Stephen Trott’s article about the damaging effect of the centralisation of power and control in the Church of England was a refreshing reality check, and in stark contrast with the letter in the same edition from the Bishop of Barking. He also blames “opposition politicians” for “sabotaging” attempts by the Legislative Council to enact a security law since 2003. Moreover, it would do away with a laudable commitment to collective financial responsibility for mission and ministry. As part of our Letters to the Church series, we’re taking a brief look at each epistle in the New Testament. These letters are a wonderful way to reach those who have visited your church recently. Letters to the Editor*: letters@sunday-times.co.uk * for publication only; please include postal address and contact telephone numbers Sunday Times News: newsdesk@sunday-times.co.uk Parishes and clergy cannot simply exist in a vacuum. I pray this letter finds you and your loved one’s doing well during these difficult times. The object of the letters is primarily financial support although other types of “in kind” support like labor […] It does not diminish our worship but embodies worship in a new way. Let me first say how I miss seeing you each and every week on campus for worship and other activities and while I know we are united as the body of Christ, I confess missing our unity as the church. Church members and others appreciate knowing that they’re in your thoughts and prayers. I hope and believe that Archbishop Cottrell has the commitment to justice to drive forward the necessary change, by implementing all review recommendations, from the office to which he has now been called. It is the relationship and not place of residence which defines domestic abuse, as in the current Bill. If you appease brutality by hoping that it won’t happen to you, then you cannot expect to be rescued when it eventually does. Letters A time for gratitude. CATHEDRALS are facing losses of £28.4 million against annual budgets this year owing to the closures of church buildings during the lockdown, the Third Church Estates Commissioner, Dr Eve Poole, told an informal meeting of the General Synod on Saturday. I wonder, however, if people have a legitimate practical concern that this law and its applications do threaten civil liberty. Changeable copy Church signs and marquee Church signs are the best way to talk to your community. All businesses and communities are struggling to cope with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. As leaders in our beloved United Church of Christ, we write to speak a word of tender care to our congregations, our clergy, and our members. He will not forsake you but will lift you up and make you whole once more. 2 www.letters .org Church Donation Letter Sample Introduction When it comes to a church donation letter, normally it will be related to purposes like renovation, extension of new structures, contribution to orphanage, providing food and other purposes to the A quick internet search reveals that the population of Norway is a mere 5,422,000, compared with England’s 55,977,000, a factor of ten. I also always read the letters, and delight in the variety of responses our region’s readers provide. Most churchgoers are, like me, over 65. These seven churches really existed, and each was experiencing the particular problem to which the Lord referred as He dictated the letters to John. [See commentaries on 1 Thessalonians in the Bible Gateway Store] [See other Blog posts in the Letters to the Church series] Sir, — I could not fail to see the irony in last week’s Church Times. Church welcome letters should include a warm and welcoming greeting. Directions are enclosed for essential ordinances, blessings, and other Church functions to guide leaders through the current crisis and the challenging days that are ahead. My Church Letters makes it easier than ever for you to stay in constant contact. Now residing in Richmond, I have fond memories of ... letters … TODDY HOAREPond Farm House, HoltonOxford OX33 1PY, Anonymity and representation in safeguarding. Being a member of China’s Parliament, Dr Kwong has shown himself guilty of allowing an appalling conflict of interest to dictate the Church’s position in Hong Kong with regard to an entirely political matter. In view of the current financial situation, I question the wisdom of that decision. Churches are also in a position of challenge like never before… or at least in our lifetime. Church leader 6 letters.If you need help with Daily LA Times Crossword Answers, then you are here on the right place. In response to such problems, I was surprised to see the article suggest that parishes encourage vocations to self-supporting ministry, as though this had not already been the solution employed by most dioceses for the past 25 years. Second, since all the churches were to read all the letters, the letters were also admonitory to all. Interviews and news analysis from the Church Times team. Church Times letters: letters@churchtimes.co.uk We regret that we cannot guarantee consideration of letters submitted by post under present working conditions. These letters are a wonderful way to reach those who have visited your church recently. © Church Times 2020. Non-subscribers can read four articles for free each month. 2 Thessalonians—Paul's second letter to the church in Thessalonica was written to clear up confusion about end times and the second coming of Christ. The Church is what Christ is doing in society (as He once did) like He is flesh and blood living among us today. It beggars belief that the official church position can have anything in common with his staggeringly unchristian views. An unequivocal diocesan-synod paper dated 6 June said that posts would need to be reduced from “275 to 215 in the next eighteen months”. If you wait too long to reach out, they may think you’ve forgotten them! Are you committed to a church that includes diverse people of all abilities and life experiences, and generates an enriched understanding of God from them? This new role is an exciting opportunity for someone to be an influencer and pioneer. These letters may be sent to congregants and/or used for church website updates. I find little evidence, however, to suggest that there are many needlessly employed in central posts. These letters (also known as “epistles”) contain both general Christian teaching and specific instructions for the congregation to which they were addressed. Newspaper Archive 150 years of Irish Times journalism; ​To explore the Church Times website fully, please sign in or subscribe. ­­­JANE BENTAL54 Rosefield RoadStaines TW18 4NB. Permanent Full Time Salary Range: £65,000-£70,000 depending on experience. Are you committed to a church that includes diverse people of all abilities and life experiences, and generates an enriched understanding of God from them? Tom Ascol. Have you a passion for nurturing and supporting the faith journeys of BAME people whilst challenging and changing discrimination and prejudice? Now residing in Richmond, I have fond memories of As you face challenges in your life, remember the day your sins were washed away, and seek God’s spirit that has been reborn within you. CAMPAIGNERS have said that the Domestic Abuse Bill, which passed its third reading in the House of Commons on Monday evening, will provide better protection for the vulnerable, ANDY FERGUSONLeafy Lane House, High StreetWargrave, Berkshire RG10 8DG. I am shocked that in the 21st century the integrity of an Anglican archbishop can be so easily compromised. B. GILDER44 Hurst AvenueChingford E4 8DW. ), Letters for publication should be sent to. Had the recommendations of the C­­­arlile report been accepted and implemented in full, everyone under inquiry would have enjoyed anonymity pending investigation and there would have been a level playing field for both men. In times of a global pandemic therefore, the two leaders say, “not to gather in one place for worship is an expression of compassion and solidarity. That’s the age group which has the greatest disposable income. Church Letter Templates written by a Pastor for Ministries includes Membership Access to an expanding selection of over 1,100 Church Letter templates and Welcomes. and include a full postal address. Diocesan staff recruit and train clergy, keep parsonages in good order, administer finance, ensure our schools are effective, and perform vital safeguarding tasks. MATTHEW CLEMENTS4 Church StreetBicester OX26 6AZ. The Bishop’s address didn’t mention clergy numbers. Church donation letters. Centre Daily Times letters to the editor on the Nov. 3 general election and allegations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, and the COVID-19 pandemic an mask requirements. The survivor’s story featured illustrates the way in which such abuse, of a kind scarcely credible in 21st-century Britain, can arise from relationships of dependency, which have nothing whatever to do with stalking or harassment, but in which victims are trapped and unable to speak out. Ready for a new challenge? Worthy folk all, but I am still puzzled about why these extra middle managers were felt necessary to further the mission of the Church. Undeniably, there are more bishops and archdeacons than in previous ages, but the nature of the accountability that they exercise has changed and grown, as in many other sectors. Fri, Dec 11, 2020, 00:14 . Sir, — I find Pam Hall’s letter (10 July) rather arrogant, and challenge her assertion that Christians have “always prayed at home”. During the lockdown, every household has reduced its spending by an average of £180 per week. St. Margaret’s has a deep history in Christianity dating back to 666AD, and is a Grade 1 listed building, situated in what remains of Barking Abbey. Our previous entry examined Paul’s letter to the church … Thursday December 27 2018, 12.01am, The Times. I believe that they are our greatest resource by far in fulfilling our purpose. But, being voiceless, they can safely be ignored. © Church Times 2020. Sir, — It was rather apposite that the insightful and thought-provoking article by the Revd Stephen Trott on the centralising of the Church of England bookended, as it were, your letters page, as this included the comments by the Bishop of Barking, the Rt Revd Peter Hill, on Chelmsford diocese’s intentions to reduce stipendiary clergy; for Chelmsford is a rather egregious example of the factors that Mr Trott highlighted. Failure in this department causes expense and damage. Carved out of St Albans diocese in 1914, this added one diocesan and two suffragan bishops to the national roster. The three Letters of John, together with the Letter of James, the two Letters of Peter, and the Letter of Jude, are part of the seven so-called Catholic Letters.As the history of the New Testament canon shows, the Catholic Letters were among the last of the literature to be settled on as canonical before the agreement of East and West in 367. A Letter to a Church from Its Leaders in a Time of Pandemic. It doesn’t make us to be less the church, but fully the church. Either way, the goal is to raise money to help support a big project or upcoming event. JUSTIN McCREEDYSt Martin’s Abbey5000 Abbey Way SE Lacey, WashingtonWA 98503-3200, USA, Future of C of E parishes, dioceses, and their staffing. Church singing in Advent. Parishioners cannot understand why there is money available for “Strategic Development Funding” and “the creation of new worshipping communities” but not for them to have a vicar. Your name and address will appear alongside your letter. Church Times letters: letters@churchtimes.co.uk We regret that we cannot guarantee consideration of letters submitted by post under present working conditions May 24, 2020. I hasten to add that I am not ordained, but was brought up in the habit of going to church (and subsequently became an organist when I was a student, continuing on that path ever since). If there is anything you need or anything we can do to assist you during this difficult time, please do not hesitate to give us a call at [CHURCH NUMBER]. Sir, — Well said by the Revd Stephen Trott. With a quick and easy way to distribute your letters via email, you can even send more than one message across the time frame of the whole project. Sir, — I’m shocked to read that the Archbishop of Hong Kong, Dr Paul Kwong, announced his full and unequivocal support for the grim Security Law that China’s Communist Party has imposed on a terrified Hong Kong (News online, 10 July). Your name and address will appear alongside your letter. We must follow a line of authority. Hence the situation now, where a law is “imposed by promulgation of a dictatorship” rather than by democratic decision. Pastoral Letter from Al Pittman of Calvary Worship Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. GLYNNE WILLIAMS16 Third AvenueLondon E17 9QJ. One suspects that this is equally true in the Percy case, but we cannot know, as the Dean is refused access to the minutes. Sir, — The Revd Stephen Trott argues for a redistribution in the resources used to maintain a top-heavy C of E organisation to enable those at the front line to be better equipped to fulfil the Church’s purpose. Readers' Letters from The Irish Times, the Definitive Brand of Quality News in Ireland. The Rev David Johnson, High Church eccentric who teased prelates with spoof letters – obituary His predilection for practical jokes gained national attention with ‘Not The Church Times’ These grotesque crimes against humanity are a stain on all of us, but have never been challenged by Dr Kwong. The Book of Revelation addresses seven letters to seven churches in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) (Revelation 2-3). The Revd Stephen Trott’s excellent article coincided with the announcement of the appointment of the first full-time Associate Archdeacon of Berkshire in the Gazette. Letters to the Editor: L.A. Times takes a cheap shot at a Venice church for opposing a housing project Homeless people rest on a sidewalk near Venice Beach. Donation request letters can be sent out multiple times throughout the year— there’s no one “perfect” time to send out a church donation letter. Business is doing this, and so should we. If churchgoing households were to send just one third of that sum to their diocesan board of finance (not their PCC), corporate deficits would be wiped out. The Church Times is known for informed and independent reporting of Church and world news. Some churches call this a Stewardship Campaign or a Church Capital Campaign. It might be the case that some of this work could be done more efficiently. That clearly indicates that he does not distinguish “China”, a beautiful country with a rich culture and long history, from the “Chinese Communist Party (CCP)”, a brutal, repressive one-party dictatorship. Church donation letters include information about the current state of the church and how continued donations would help further those goals. It has been said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So perhaps the Archbishops’ Council should first pause to consider how best to dismantle the current hierarchical C of E organisation and switch the focus away from the clergy and on to the lay membership. MARTIN SEWELLGeneral Synod member8 Appleshaw CloseGravesendKent DA11 7PB, Abused parents not covered by government Bill. Paul's Prison Epistles Between 60 and 62 CE, the Apostle Paul was under house arrest in Rome, one … Then, just seven years ago, Chelmsford added three new archdeacons (plus support staff) to the four that it already had. JOHN RICE14 Gisborne CrescentAllestree, Derby DE22 2FL. Newspaper Archive 150 years of Irish Times journalism; All rights reserved. The Union works with others in mission locally, regionally and internationally. It is a shame that, for reasons outside his control, it occurred under the shadow of the suspicion that he enjoyed the privilege of anonymity while a safeguarding complaint was considered against him, whereas Lord Carey found the fact of his investigation in the hands of the press within three hours of his being notified. Follow up with Church Visitors and Guests with a quality church visitor letter and add that personal touch to all of your follow up efforts. Times letters: Church’s apology for historical antisemitism. Sir, — The Revd Stephen Trott writes: “The church buildings are needed, the clergy are needed: what else do we need?” (Comment, 10 July). THE Church doesn’t just proclaim what Christ did. Of course, you shouldn’t send out too many church fundraising letters. The Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) is the Baptist family in England and Wales (there is also the Baptist Union of Wales). Now that the Hong Kong people have been delivered on a platter to the demonstrated cruelty of China’s Communists, the genuine and widespread fear that prevails in this city is like nothing I could ever have foreseen happening to a sophisticated and cosmopolitan territory. St Margaret’s Church, Barking is a large and flourishing parish church drawing upon the broad traditions of our catholic and openly evangelical style of worship with a warm and welcoming congregation representing all ages and different ethnic backgrounds. They should thank the recipient for coming and encourage them to come back again soon. WRITE TO LETTERS@THETIMES.CO.UK. Although unelected, if you are given the chance to speak up but fail to do so then you betray your community. Letters for publication should be sent to letters@churchtimes.co.uk. Many dioceses are facing the same problem as Chelmsford, and we shouldn’t try to conceal it. Furthermore, Lord Carlile recommended that the respondent be given representation at the core group table: a recommendation that, had it been implemented, would have avoided the current débâcle over Dean Percy. I letters. Listen to this week’s episode online. ... 2020 has held tremendous challenges for all of us, please know that we do not take the sacrificial giving of people in times of difficulty lightly. There is nothing wrong with being a Chinese patriot or for wanting law and order restored in Hong Kong. Times letters: church leadership in the pandemic. Church Donation Letter Samples Here’s the good news—you don’t have to write an individualized letter for every person who gives to your church. This anomaly was based on the fiction that stalking and harassment legislation would be adequate to deal with such cases. Could you contribute to a ground-breaking project? The council is perhaps best known for its instructions that the Mass may be celebrated in the vernacular as well as in Latin. The latter speaks of cutting up to a fifth of stipendiary posts in his diocese while at the same time claiming to be “investing for growth”. Blessings to all deacons as you help lead the Church through this challenging time. New York's Gov Andrew Cuomo has stated that the Supreme Court's decision concerning his severe restriction on the number of people allowed to attend church services is " irrelevant." Friday November 22 2019, 12.01am, The Times. Church members and others appreciate knowing that they’re in your thoughts and prayers. Though you are weak and feeling poorly, remember God’s promise and lean on Him during these troubled times. [Name of a leader in your church] Digital fundraising letters for your church’s special events and projects should be short and sweet. The Welcome Church Visitor Sample Letters below will help assist your Pastor in welcoming your church visitors or guests. Elements of the Christmas story cannot be found in the Gospels. Parishes in many dioceses are indeed expected to contribute more than the direct costs of their own ministry. We are great followers. This new role is an exciting opportunity for someone to be an influencer and pioneer. What is wrong is remaining mute about these appalling crimes and supporting a law that means that others must remain mute, too. Join Francis as he takes you on a journey through the chapters of Letters to the Church , hear his heart for the Bride of Christ, and join him as he leans in to God’s desire for the Church. I was saddened to read about the fate of Calvary Baptist Church in the October 29th issue of the Roanoke Times. Church Donation Letters can be easily modified to fit within the context of your particular ministry. Interviews and news analysis from the Church Times team. This week, we look at one of Paul’s earliest and most upbeat letters: his epistle to the Thessalonians. That Chinese secret police now operate with impunity ensures that the threatening environment will prevail and has sadly brought the hopes, aspirations, and dreams of much of Hong Kong’s youth to an abrupt end. DAVID ALLARDICEGrosvenor House120 MacDonnell RoadHong Kong. Have you a passion for nurturing and supporting the faith journeys of BAME people whilst challenging and changing discrimination and prejudice? Sir,– I was fascinated by the letter from the Rev Andy Carroll (December 9th). Non-subscribers can read four articles for free each month. Beloved CWC Family, With the ever-growing concern, world-wide and at home, regarding the coronavirus, I wanted to reach out to you and inform you of our response to this pandemic. First time Church Visitors will appreciate the contact. The first level is historical. This issue seems to have been totally abandoned.”. Official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thanks be to God, he offers us a far more fulfilling future — on a plate, so to speak. The primary purpose of these letters is to request that those being addressed donate money to a particular cause. I’m no apologist for a top-heavy diocesan system, but, equally, we have to be realistic. Almost half such contributions in this diocese go towards funding stipendiary curacies, which would still need to be paid for even if one could eliminate all other diocesan spending. This was wholly unnecessary. Cross must be central to vision; Comfort and Joy speaks of comfortable England; Proposed method for communion in both kinds is impracticable; Conservatives hampered over LLF by legal threat; Ely clergy’s Sunday off; Abbot of Ampleforth; A significant cloud?

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