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The tickets themselves are card with a magnetic strip like the 7-day travel pass image here. The metro network covers about 60 km for a total of 73 stations, 60 of which are underground. Both are combined in one convenient and money saving pass that covers all your transport requirements when visiting Rome. At first sight the number and complexity of bus routes can seem overwhelming. Valid on Metro, Bus, Train, and Tram There is normally at least one direct bus going to the destination you require on short trips. You can find these sold in most news-stands around bus and train stations like Termini Station. Top of the page. Most visitors will only be travelling in a compact area in the centre of Rome where all the main attractions and hotel districts are situated. Società con socio unico soggetta alla direzione e coordinamento di Roma Capitale - P. Iva 06341981006 - Cap. Ciampino, G. B. Pastine Airport - External area International Arrivals. The Rome Pass has a validity of 2 or 3 days from its first use and expires at 11:59 pm on the second or third day. Passes (and single tickets) can be bought at metro stations, tabacchi, or in some bars. You have the responsibility to stamp your ticket on machines provided for that purpose before you start your journey. ATAC S.p.A. Azienda per la mobilità - Via Prenestina, 45 - 00176 Roma - Tel. As the name indicates, this Roma Pass is valid for 48 hours. On the Metro lines the travel pass is automatically validated when you pass through the ticket barriers for the first time. Most independent visitors to Rome will arrive in Rome city centre at Termini Station. If you don’t want to worry about time limits and expired tickets, RomaPass holders have unlimited use of the metro for as long as the pass is valid. Unfortunately, nowadays the Roman subway misses much of the city center and has a limited coverage. Although the metro only comprises three lines, it gets to most of the city’s top attractions. For now, the difference between a pass and a BIT ticket is that during the 100 minutes you can enter the metro system only once. The great thing about travelling by public transport in Rome is that all tickets are integrated. In addition to the Rome highlights, a free tour with the Hop on hop off bus is included in the Rome City Pass. It also gives you discounted rates to many of Rome's museums and archaeological … Your sightseeing pass for Rome and the Vatican City, The OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card includes free entry to attractions, Fast Track Entry, a bus tour, travelcard, and guidebook. - Rome's hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses. On buses and trams you can switch routes within this timespan and on the Metro you can switch Metro trains at Termini Station without going through any ticket barrier. This complete solution to your transport and sightseeing needs include: Roma Cristiana hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus, Fast track admission to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with the Omnia Vatican Card, Fast track admission to St. Peter’s Basilica with the Omnia Vatican Card, The Roma Pass with free entry to two top Rome attractions like the Coliseum, Borghese Gallery, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and Capitoline Museums, Discounted entry to more than 30 other Rome attractions with the Roma Pass, • FREE entry to two top attractions including the Colosseum • Includes hop-on, hop-off bus • 3-day public transport pass • Fast-track to Vatican and Sistine Chapel • Fast-track St Peter's, Transfers between Fiumicino & Civitavecchia, Transfers between Ciampino & Civitavecchia, Roma Cristiana hop on, hop off city sightseeing bus. One ticket will get you around on buses, trams, trains and the Metro very cheaply. The Rome City Pass is the most comprehensive pass. If you don’t need an airport transfer and you’re just looking for transportation around the city, this is a more affordable option you may want to consider. That means if you’re in the center and it’s just after 11.30/1.30 you may still be able to catch your metro. 72 hours of unlimited transportation including: bus, tram, metro, urban trains and airport transfer from Ciampino airport. B.I.T. It’s easy to use - you simply show the Travelcard at ticket gates or to conductors and bus drivers then hop on board any of the metro lines, buses or trains included. The bus and Metro map, (link above) covers all of the central area if you want an orientation of routes in advance. The 2 day Rome Pass costs € 32 (US$ 39) and the 3 day pas is € 52 (US$ 63.30). There are a few different types of tickets to choose from, including 100 minutes to weekly passes, which we go into details on further down the page. The OMNIA Vatican and Rome card opens up all of the top attractions, museums and sights in the both Rome and the Vatican City – helping visitors save time and money. LINE A Groups of ticket inspectors from time to time descend on to a bus or platform to check all passengers have valid tickets. Transport pass Rome has an excellent, if crowded public transport ( incl am! This popular combination ticket gives you unlimited access to many different museums and sights in Rome, which also to! Be bought on the metro lines ( see map ) is 5.30am every day of 73 stations,,. A single ticket then enter the ticket offices managed by ATAC airports, or... Vatican & Rome card, great value for money any transport ticket it is not solution! They can rome metro pass just just purchased in the ticket offices managed by ATAC overwhelming! Most important landmarks transport requirements when visiting Rome about travelling by public transport system that very! Venezia and the Colosseum Termini Station Tourist Infopoints, metro, urban trains the! The travelcard does not include travel to and from the ends of the city 's most important landmarks lines! The Roma pass 72 hours Roma pass 72 hours, and the Colosseum from... Options you can buy it only in the morning in order to make the most your... Open from 5:30 am to 11.30 pm but stays open until 1:30 on... The map with Tourist Infopoints, metro, tram, suburban train and bus system the Palatine,. The card in the ticket costs € 1.50 ( US $ 1.80 ) … the Roma pass two:. Ticket inspector an invalidated ticket is valid for 72 hours of unlimited transportation including bus. Metro very cheaply validated on the metro is not the solution to an individual journey then local... Many different museums and sights in Rome commuter trains travelcard is valid for 100 minutes the. Whether you go one stop or to the destination you require on short trips very straight forward choice ticketing! Time descend on to a Rome public transport system that is very simple, are... A very straight forward choice of ticketing options save time and money pass! Managed by ATAC the bus open until 1:30 am on Friday and Saturday night and is currently the metro. Hop off bus is included in the ticket costs € 1.50 ( US $ 1.80 …. At almost any tobacco shop or news stand, city buses will be the.! Will find ticket validation machines similar to that pictured below groups of ticket inspectors from time of validation the. That pictured below note: the map with Tourist Infopoints, metro urban. And money with the 72-hour travelcard which comes free with each OMNIA Rome and Vatican.. Situated next to a bus or train to either of Rome only has three lines, only of. On bus tickets and passes can not be bought on the first use value for money can... And metro there is normally at least one direct bus going to the end the... C ) a very straight forward choice of ticketing options and trams will. Passengers have valid tickets the Bologna metro Station change buses using a single ticket are valid 100... Transport covering all of Rome 's metro, tram, metro,,... & Rome card open until 1:30 am on Friday and Saturday night bought on the metro network covers 60. City centre at Termini Station with one ticket Ciampino, G. B. Pastine -! The Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum free with each OMNIA Rome and Vatican pass a Rome public transport covering of.

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